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When Grandpa Kropf, made toy blocks for us using wood from a Black Walnut tree taken from the family orchard in the Willamette Valley, he was unknowingly inspiring the next generation of Kropf carpenters. Building and carpentry has been in our blood for generations. There is a real sense of family heritage that is evident in the craftsmanship that we put into every project. Growing up with a father who was a professional builder and could build just about anything, and would do so with the precision and skill that at times seemed to rival that of a Swiss watch maker, taught us what it meant to be a true craftsman.

To us, it’s not so much about what you build, it’s about how you build it that defines who you are as a carpenter. Over the years production and face value has replaced craftsmanship and quality in the field of construction. The mission of KC West is to help restore integrity and craftsmanship to the field of construction. We take great pride in all the work we do and it shows.

Kropf Construction West specializes in custom carpentry and general contracting while working directly with clients on the design and creative aspects of a project. Our goal is to provide superior service to clients to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience throughout any project large or small. KC West is a locally owned and operated, Licensed and Bonded LLC. It is in best interest of the client and the project to take a hands on approach to contracting. Simply meaning we are not just running the project but also doing a lot of the work, we actually wear tool belts. By eliminating as many third parties as possibly we are able to not only decrease cost but increase quality and avoid possible miscommunications that can occur when more parties are involved. “Quality through accountability”The Kropf Brothers were surrounded by strong woodworking traditions on both sides of his family. The foundation of that tradition has always been to provide the highest quality work that will stand the test of time. Since 2006, they have specialized in remodeling and renovation in and around the greater Portland area.

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